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Do I have to be a school teacher to use Pineaptitude?


Although Pineaptitude was designed for teachers and instructors in formal school or higher education settings, it’s not a requirement.

In fact, we think Pineaptitude could be pretty useful for a lot of people who need to get the word out about news that affects a “classroom” (or small community of people):

We also welcome religious and parochial groups, members of the clergy or political groups to use our service, but please be aware that our content guidelines, in part, prohibit raising money unless you are 501(c)3 organization and you cannot post discriminatory content to our service.

It’s worth noting that a lot of our documentation is written in a way that’s geared toward teachers or instructors. In general, when you see the word “teacher” or “instructor” or “educators” this is referring to anyone who is in charge of a group.

When you see “classrooms” think of “class” or “team” or other relevant noun.

Also, please note that you do need to be age 13 (or the age of majority in your region) to sign up for an account.

We do have some limits about what kind of content can be posted using our service, but as long as you’re using it for family friendly stuff that isn’t offensive, you should be able to use our service.

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