Is the content I post to Pineaptitude secure?

In order to ensure that your students and families can access the content you post using our tools is as easy to access as possible and does not require students and families to create accounts, we do not protect your content with any passwords or require logins.

However, by default, each classroom is assigned a random URL that starts with These URLs are non-sequential and are very difficult to guess.

This approach is sometimes known as the “unlisted number” approach to creating URLs β€” while the URL obviously has to exist for it to work, much like a phone number, we don’t publish a directory or a list of the URLs anywhere so that just anyone can access it, just like phone companies used to keep phone numbers out of the phone book or directory assistance if requested.

This does mean that any content posted to Pineaptitude should be considered quasi-public in the sense that there’s no way to control who has access to it with accounts or passwords, but you also need to know the content exists to begin with β€” and what URL it uses.

Please note that Pineaptitude Pro users do have the option to create easier to remember URLs to classroom pages. Depending on the URL selected, this can make the URL easier to “guess.”

Also keep in mind that if you embed or share content via Pineaptitude on your website, social media or other medium, anyone with the link can access your content.

As an educator, you should familiarize yourself with our content policy, which also includes some helpful tips about what to post and what not to post to Pineaptitude services.

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