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Classroom page

Each classroom you create in Pineaptitude has a homepage that is accessible via a unique URL.

To find out what your classroom’s link is, follow these steps.

Classroom page components

When visiting a classroom page, you will see a button for each of the tools you have active.

To remove a link from this page, you can deactivate the corresponding tool.

Clicking each of the links shown on your classroom page will, in turn, show a list of currently available content under that tool.

At this time, it is not possible to edit, rearrange or add custom content to your classroom homepage other than by deactivating tools.

Sharing your classroom URL

We encourage users to distribute their classroom URL widely so that students and families always have a central place to access all of the great content you post. You are also welcome to use your classroom homepage as your classroom website (instead of creating your own).

You can:

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