What is the ‘#AskYourLearner’ feature?

When posting content on Pineaptitude, you’ll notice an extra, optional field to enter an “#AskYourLearner” question.

This feature is part of our commitment to the Ask Your Learner movement that aims to encourages parents, guardians and families to get involved with what students are learning at school by asking simple, thought provoking questions.

When you enter content into this field, it automatically gets added to the bottom of the content as well as added to the end of the automatically generated tweet.

If you don’t want to use this feature, you don’t have to β€” just leave it blank and it won’t appear on your content or tweets.

You can also remove or edit it from your tweets if you want, but keep in mind if you enter something in the field when creating content it will automatically, for your convenience, be added to your tweet.

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