Embedding instructions

Below are details on how to embed Pineaptitude’s feeds in your website. You can grab the embed URL or iframe code here. WordPress: You can either use an iframe plugin or copy and paste the embed code into “Code” view in the Classic editor. If you’re using Gutenberg, you can use the HTML block. Schoolwires: […]

Getting started with Pineaptitude

If you don’t have a free account yet, create one here. If you have an account, click here to sign in. Create your first classroom Classrooms are the basic way Pineaptitude organizes your content. You need at least one classroom to use Pineaptitude. Follow these steps to create your first . From your Pineaptitude , […]

What is the ‘#AskYourLearner’ feature?

When posting on Pineaptitude, you’ll notice an extra, optional field to enter an “#AskYourLearner” question. This feature is part of our commitment to the Ask Your Learner movement that aims to encourages parents, guardians and families to get involved with what students are learning at school by asking simple, thought provoking questions. When you enter […]

Embedding in Blackboard Web Community Manager or Schoolwires

Blackboard Web Community Manager (formerly known as Schoolwires) allows you to embed Iframe code into your page. Click here for full details on how to embed code. Paste the “Iframe code” into the field provided.

Using our ‘fast start’ service

We’re happy to help you get started using Pineaptitude by installing widgets or links to our sites for you. Before you request help, be sure you’ve created at least one classroom and have a website. We can most easily work with Google Sites (both the old and new versions) and WordPress sites. We can help […]

Deactivate or activate tools on your classroom

You can turn off any of Pineaptitude’s that you’re not using to keep them from appearing on your class homepage. Here’s how: In the dropdown, select the Settings link. Click Classroom Options in the menu. In the “Classrooms” section, click you’ll see a list of classrooms active on your account. Look for the icons representing […]

Classroom page

Each classroom you create in Pineaptitude has a homepage that is accessible via a unique URL. To find out what your classroom’s link is, follow these steps. Classroom page components When visiting a classroom page, you will see a button for each of the you have active. To remove a link from this page, you […]

How to use Pineaptitude as your classroom website

Although Pineaptitude works great with your existing classroom website, you can also use it in place of your existing website. You can give out your classroom link and it will direct users to your classroom’s main page where they can pick from the currently activated on your account. If you are a Pro user, you […]

Can I use my own domain with Pineaptitude?

If you have your own domain name, you can forward your domain name to your classroom URL to use Pineaptitude as your class website. Before you forward your domain, please note: Forwarding your domain name will typically cause your old website to stop working. Only use domain forwarding if you want to use Pineaptitude in […]

Can I add videos to my content?

Not yet. We’re aware of that this is a common request, though, and are investigating the best way to add this.