Privacy Policy


  1. The privacy of educators, students and families is important to Pineaptitude.
  2. We have designed our services specifically to avoid directly collecting personal information directly from students or families.
  3. Students and families do not need to create accounts or provide personal information to use our services.
  4. In fact, our system does not offer the ability for students or families to create accounts.
  5. Educator accounts do require a limited amount of personal information, but we do not sell that information with any third party.

A. Privacy Notes for Students, Families, Parents and Guardians

  1. If you are directed to a Pineaptitude hosted page or service, then an educator, teacher or instructor has enrolled in our service to help them distribute information and content to your classroom or school community.
  2. Please note that educators cannot create accounts for students or families.
  3. You, as a parent, guardian, family or student, do not (and should not) create an account — and none is required to view the content your educator posts.

B. Information We Collect

  1. Pineaptitude and vendors it hires collects data from all users for a variety of operational and analytical purposes. Pineaptitude uses cookies, web beacons and similar methods to provide our services and help collect data.
  2. Usage and device information gathered and stored by Pineaptitude may include the device type, the device identifier, the Open Device Identification Number, date and time stamps for each visit or sessions, browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol address, Internet service provider information, referring and exit pages, pages visited and associated time and data data, click data and domain name. These are collected and stored in log files and by our third party analytics provider.
  3. Pineaptitude collects information, which may include personal information, that educator account holders upload. Educator account holders are responsible for obtaining and storing any necessary consent or to remove content containing personal information if requested by an authorized party.
  4. On most devices, usage of Pineaptitude pages or services may be linked to third party accounts, including ones registered to minors, that are active on that device. Because this device is not in the control of Pineaptitude, parents and guardians are authorizing the collection and aggregation of data collected when Pineaptitude services or pages are accessed when these accounts are signed in. Data gathered from the general public, students or families visiting pages or services provided may be combined with other data, including with signed in accounts. If you do not wish Pineaptitude’s vendors to link usage data to your account, sign out of all accounts on the device.
  5. Pineaptitude does not respond to browser “do not track” requests or other similar requests.
  6. However, users always have access to other resources to control or block cookies, web beacons, tracking and similar technologies. Users may use third party tools to block and delete cookies, web beacons and similar technology, though blocking these technologies may impact the performance of the service. If you prefer to not be tracked by our analytics vendor, click here to opt out.
  7. Personal information such as name and email address is collected from anyone who creates an educator account at Pineaptitude. An educator account is not required to use the pages or services that do not require a login. This information is used for the purposes listed in Section C below.
  8. For logged in users, usage data is linked to the account for the purposes listed in Section C below.

C. How We Use the Information We Collect

  1. We use the data, cookies, beacons and other technologies to monitor the usage statistics of our services, diagnose technical issues with our services, prevent security issues or fraud and to improve our services.
  2. Content uploaded by educator account holders is used to display information on pages available without a login.
  3. Email addresses provided upon creating an educator account may receive email marketing from us, but the user can opt out of these messages at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link.
  4. In certain cases, we may contact the email address provided to create an educator account, even if you have opted out of receiving email marketing from us, to notify you of important changes or updates related to our service or to contact you regarding billing or account status.
  5. For educator accounts, the domain name(s) in the email addresses registered may be used to determine what institutions are using our services for marketing purposes. We will never, however, use your name or personal information in such marketing materials without asking for permission first.
  6. Data collected may be used to display targeted advertising, as outlined in Section F.

D. Information We Share

  1. Pineaptitude does not sell its users’ personal information under any circumstance and does not share personal information with any third party except as cases outlined below.
  2. We may share the information collected from users to deliver our service. This includes creating and maintaining user accounts and responding to support requests — or any other time that a user interacts with our services.
  3. We may also share personal information with third party vendors and companies who provide the services that are necessary for us to run Pineaptitude.
  4. We may also share your personal information for legal purposes, such as when we are required to share personal information via valid legal requests. We may also share personal information if it is required for us to comply with any laws or regulations when Pineaptitude reasonably believes that disclosure or use is requested to meet its legal obligations.
  5. Your personal information may also be transferred or disclosed in relation a sale, merger or reorganization of Pineaptitude.
  6. Pineaptitude may also share your personal information in an emergency situation, including when the security or safety of any individual, government, organization, including Pineaptitude itself, is, at Pineaptitude’s sole and reasonable belief, at risk.
  7. Your personal information may also be shared in order to protect the rights and property of Pineaptitude or its employees, contractors agents or other users.
  8. Pineaptitude may share educator account information in order to facilitate any lawful request made by a parent or guardian to have personal information removed. For example, if an authorized user contacts Pineaptitude to request content be removed, Pineaptitude may, but is not required to, share the educator’s name and email address with the user.
  9. Pineaptitude requests, via industry standard practices, that search engines do not index or cache pages created by educators, with the exception of the main classroom page. However, not all search engines will obey this request and Pineaptitude is not responsible for pages being indexed, stored or archived.

E. Information Shared By Users

  1. The majority of the content educators upload is restricted to general announcements that does not require personal information and educators are advised against posting personal information to Pineaptitude services or pages.
  2. However, as outlined in our content policy, Pineaptitude does not have direct control over and is not responsible for what content is posted and, although we advise against it, educators may still upload personal information or files containing or depicting personal information.
  3. It is the responsibility of the educator to obtain and document any necessary permission from parents or guardians, as required under privacy laws as outlined in Section G, to post personal information on Pineaptitude services.
  4. If you find an educator has uploaded content that contains personal information of a student that you are the legal parent or guardian of and would like it removed, please contact the educator directly to resolve the issue.
  5. Once information is deleted by the educator, it is removed immediately from our databases, but may remain on some servers for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted.
  6. Content shared by users may include links to third party sites or embedded content, widgets or other content provided by third party sites. These sites have their own privacy policies that your usage of Pineaptitude’s services may fall under and Pineaptitude is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites or services.

F. Targeted Advertising

  1. Targeted advertising provided by third party advertising networks is displayed on some Pineaptitude pages and services to educators, students learners and families.
  2. Pineaptitude utilizes a third party advertising vendor for targeted advertising.
  3. If you wish to opt out of targeted advertising from our vendors, Google, Facebook and Bing, click the link for more information.
  4. Please note that non-targeted advertising may continue to be shown after opting out.
  5. Pineaptitude may also include links to third party companies or services that may be of interest to its general audience (for example, we may show advertising for school or education related services likely to be of interest to educators or families using our service), but these advertisements are not targeted to individual users based on past behavior, personal information or aggregated data.
  6. Advertising can also be removed completely with a premium educator account. Educators can upgrade their accounts for a small fee. If your educator is using the free version of Pineaptitude with advertising, you can consider making a donation to the educator to upgrade his or her account.


  1. The U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires verifiable parent or guardian consent to collect, use or disclose the personal information of each user under the age of 13.
  2. As allowed under COPPA, an educator or school may act as the agent of the legal parent or guardian of a user under the age of 13. By sending a user under the age of 13 to a Pineaptitude page, service or site, the educator or school is providing such consent to Pineaptitude.
  3. Parents or legal guardians may make certain decisions or requests regarding the personal information of users under the age of 13. To have personal information of a user removed, please contact the educator who controls your account.
  4. Please note that Pineaptitude’s default service settings on pages or services accessed by users — no matter what their age — not holding an educator account do not collect personal information from the user. These pages may, however, collect data as outlined in Section B.

H. Data Control

  1. As permitted under applicable law, users may have certain rights about what information is collected, how it is stored and to have it removed.
  2. To stop collection of personal information, there are a variety of tools and browser settings available. Users wishing to limit the information collected are responsible for identifying and activating the appropriate resources to meet their wishes.
  3. Educator accounts can be deleted from our system by contacting
  4. Please note that, because anonymized usage and device data cannot be linked to a specific user, it cannot be deleted and will be excluded from any such requests.

G. Specific Privacy Regulations

  1. Pineaptitude complies with California’s “Shine the Light” law as is applicable to our services. We do not share or disclose any personal information of minors to any third party marketers. Under the law, California residents may request verification of this by sending an email to You may make one request per year without charge.
  2. Pineaptitude complies with the Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World law as applicable. Any content or personal information about minors posted to our services by educators is the responsibility of the educator. If you discover content or personal information of a minor you are the legal parent or guardian to, please contact the educator to have the content deleted.
  3. Pineaptitude complies with the General Data Protection Regulation for eligible residents of the European Economic Area. To request deletion of your personal information from our servers, send an email to Such requests from educators will result in the deletion of your account and you will no longer be able to access the educator features of Pineaptitude. Please note that requests from users not in jurisdictions covered under GDPR will not be processed.