Content Policy for Educators

Educator Uploads

  • By registering to use Pineaptitude services, educators agree to be solely responsible for the content uploaded to Pineaptitude services. 
  • Educators are strongly encouraged not to upload content that contains personal information such as student names or photos that show student faces. 
  • Educators should consider, at their discretion or according to institutional policies and individual requests, cropping or obscuring student faces, names and any and all other personal information from photos. 
  • If an educator opts to include personal information of others, the educator must obtain and retain any parental or guardian permission as required by law or, in the case of those users who have reached the age of majority, the users themselves. Pineaptitude cannot provide legal advice to educators and, because laws and regulations vary by region, the educator is solely responsible for compliance. 
  • Educators who upload personal information of students agree that Pineaptitude is not responsible for this content. 
  • Educators understand that by including any content within Pineaptitude services, that this content is not endorsed or approved by Pineaptitude and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Pineaptitude, its employees or agents. 
  • Educators agree that all deletion requests will be directed to them and that they must comply with any valid requests within 24 hours.
  • If you opt to have students assist with posting general information about your class using Pineaptitude services, then you are representing and affirming that you, as an authorized representative of your educational institution, are serving as an agent to authorize the students’ use of such and that the student is authorized, if necessary, by their legal parents or guardians. 
  • Please note that Pineaptitude services can be used without including any personal information of students and we strongly recommend avoiding posting personal information whenever possible.

Prohibited Content

Under no circumstance may any educator account user upload content or links to content that contains:

  • Copyrighted material or the intellectual properties of others that you do not have the authorization to post or distribute. 
  • Sensitive or confidential student information, including but not limited to, student IDs, birthdates, grades, test results or other data.
  • Photos, names or other information about of minors that you do not have permission to post.
  • Profanity, racial slurs, insults, hate speech or any other offensive content.
  • Sexual content, other than basic descriptions of sex education related topics.
  • Nudity or partial nudity of any kind or graphical representations of genitalia including artistic depictions of such. 
  • Pornography or erotica.
  • Content that discriminates against any age, sex or gender, race, creed, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, veteran status or other protected group.
  • References to illegal or prescription drugs, cannabis or related products, weapons, guns, explosives, alcohol, tobacco or related products other than general descriptions of such topics as part of an academic assignment. 
  • References or instructions for committing criminal acts of any kind, death threats violence, bullying or suicide.
  • Any content involving threats of or actual violence or bullying against any individual, group or facility.
  • Content that involves the commercial sale of products or services, with the exception of school authorized fundraisers and activities sponsored by a 501(c) nonprofit organization (or local equivalent) or public corporations. However, none of these fundraisers can support groups that discriminate against any group as defined elsewhere in this policy. 

Please note that this list is not definitive. Pineaptitude reserves the right, at its sole and final discretion, to determine if any content violates these terms. Pineaptitude may, but is not obligated to, delete content that it determines violates these guidelines without notice and to discontinue, without notice, any account that is discovered to be posting such content. Pineaptitude may also, but is not obligated to, monitor what content is posted from user accounts.

Academic Freedom and Expression

Pineaptitude recognizes the value of academic freedom and expression. 

However, we ask that, since content on our service can be viewed by a wide variety of audiences, that content involving potentially sensitive subject areas such as sexuality, artistic depictions of sexuality, historical references to racism and other sensitive content be carefully worded so that it is appropriate for general audiences. 

Please note that in no way do any of the guidelines for posting content to Pineaptitude apply to what you teach in your classroom — that’s always up to you. We just ask that you keep things appropriate for all ages on our service or pages.