Post Homework Online

with Assign by Pineaptitude

Assign by Pineaptitude lets teachers and instructors easily post lists of homework and other assignments online quickly and easily. It’s a perfect replacement to traditional printed paper assignment notebooks or homework planners.

Assign lets you replace your old fashioned homework notebooks with a digital version without having to use complex tools. It’s also a great way to post homework online and ensure that families see all the assignments every night β€” so there’s no more excuse about leaving assignment notebooks or planners at school.

Assign is designed with efficiency in mind. Teachers and instructors can quickly post homework and other assignment lists online from a computer, table or mobile phone with just a few clicks. A built in template system lets teachers create pre-filled in content that they use frequently.

Instructors and teachers can share links to homework lists via Twitter, email, social media or more β€” or embed the content directly on their class or school websites. Teachers can even embed a widget that updates automatically with the latest homework list every time one is posted, making it easy for families and learners to quickly see the latest homework list.

Update Easily

Post lists of assignments every day or whenever you need quickly and easily.

Help Families

Make it easier for families to check in and see what homework is.

Go Green

Save paper by eliminating assignment notebooks and going digital.