The best way to highlight your classroom's day of learning

A peek into your class

Share what’s been happening in your classroom with families. Highlight is sort of like a mini blog or newsfeed of what’s been happening in your room. It’s a great way to get families engaged in the learning process.

Instead of having to create individual portfolios, create a classwide one that shows everyone’s accomplishments together.

It’s sort of like a mini blog for your classroom. A great way to encourage community building during remote or hybrid learning.

Handle any classroom format

If you’re a primary school teacher and teach all subjects β€” Pineaptitude will work for you. Just create a single virtual ‘classroom.’ If you’re higher level or teach more than one section β€” we’ve got you covered too. Works for remote, hybrid and in person.

Easily share and post

Post a link to your highlights on Twitter or your class website β€” or embed the an automatically updating widget that shows off the latest highlights on your site.

Mobile friendly with no additional software required

Pineaptitude leverages your existing device and software. There’s nothing to download and our tools have been designed with touchscreen and mobile phone users in mind. Prefer to post from your desktop? It’ll work great there too.

Create your own class highlights now