No homework today? You can still use the Assign homework poster

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If you find yourself not assigning homework (except the good old “have fun”), you may be tempted to leave your assignment list blank that day.

However, adding an entry using the Assign homework poster for that day can still be important.

First, some families may want to be able to double check that you did not, in fact, assign any homework. Call it a way to “check up” on the kiddos.

In this case, simply adding a post that lets families and learners know that there’s no homework can be a good move.

Even if you don’t assign homework on a particular day, you can still use the Assign tool in a variety of ways:

  • Post reminders about longer term due dates β€” such as projects, presentations and term papers.
  • Give suggestions on how families can further explore what was covered in class.
  • Include links to websites, multimedia and other content.
  • Give suggested “#AskYourLearner” questions and prompts.

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