How one of our teachers uses Pineaptitude with his WordPress site

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Chris Cook, one of our consulting teachers, has been up and running with all three of Pineaptitude’s great classroom management tools β€” Assign, Announce and Highlight, all directly integrated into his existing website.

Cook uses has a website that’s been built on WordPress using the Elementor template and website builder.

The homepage features embeds for the Assign, Announce and Highlight tools β€” allowing it to feature automatically updating content feeds from Pineaptitude.

After creating the main layout of his site, Cook added three columns on his homepage β€” one for each tool.

He added a stylized header using Elementor and then embedded the widgets using the code provided that automatically show the most recent piece of content posted in each tool.

He then added a button below each widget that lets families access archive information directly on the Pineaptitude site.

Cook also has dedicated homework and news page on his site, and for this he embedded the same widgets again β€” just to provide an additional place for students and families to access the information, which is especially helpful if they don’t happen to see the homepage content (or bypass it all together).

On a standalone homework page, users can see the latest home as well. Here, it’s embedded to make it look like part of the page, rather than in a ‘widget’ or box.

Finally, Cook also maintains an active Twitter presences and guardians often follow him on it, so he conveniently posts links to homework, news and highlights to his feed using the built in tweet feature.

A recent assignment tweet containing a link to the full list of homework assignments.

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