4 reasons why using our ‘latest content’ embeds is a great way to enhance your class website

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In case you didn’t know, Pineaptitude offers a nifty feature that lets you embed the latest content from Assign, Announce and Highlight into most website builders quickly and easily.

Here are some of the reasons this is a great way to go:

1. It updates automatically

Don’t worry about fumbling with a clunky interface to update simple things such as homework lists or announcements. Instead, log in to your Pineaptitude account and use the mobile friendly interface to post content quickly and easily. Once it’s live, our servers automatically update the widgets on your website. How easy is that?

2. It’s flexible

Our widgets are flexible enough to use an a variety of situations. You can use them in sidebars or narrow columns and they still look great. Or, put them in a wider space and have them essentially take over your page’s main content. Again, this prevents you from having to edit your website β€” instead you can update your class website in just a few clicks from your Pineaptitude dashboard.

3. It’s convenient

These widgets mean that your learners and families don’t need to remember another website URL to find out your latest news. You can continue to direct them to your existing site β€” and they’ll get the latest content automatically.

4. It’s easier for you

As we mentioned, updating or posting content to Pineaptitude tends to be much easier than using a traditional site builder or content management system. Our posting interface is mobile friendly and designed to get you started creating content with just a few taps or clicks.

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