We’ve got some free backgrounds for teachers to use on Zoom and other video call platforms

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With the use of video calling tools becoming more and more common during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve come up with some fun (and useful) images you can use as a virtual background behind you.

Zoom is one of the most popular tools that offers this feature β€” and it’s fairly easy to do using the steps Zoom provides.

Note that you do have to download and install an “add on” bit of software an it might take a few minutes to get familiar with the feature, you might want to get things set up and all the backgrounds you want to use loaded in before you start a call.

To start, we’re offering five different all purpose backgrounds with the words “Learn, Share, Care” β€” three words that thought represented the spirit of so many educators and learners out there trying to adapt to a new way of learning and education.

We also have a “Show & Tell” themed background as well as a Pledge of Allegiance one complete with a flag and the words.

The images are designed to let you sit in the middle of the screen without covering up anything important β€” though with the pledge of allegiance one, you might want to sit slightly off to one side.

One note: On most video call platforms when you load the image it will appear “flipped” or “mirrored” in the preview window (making the text hard to read), but other users will see it correctly.

These images are free to use for noncommercial, educational purposes without any fees or credit β€” but if you want to say thanks, spread the word by clicking here to tweet or post a link to this page on your favorite social media platform!

If people like these, we’ll definitely be open to adding more. Tweet us at @pineaptitude or comment our Facebook post and let us know what you think, what designs you like and if you’d like to see other languages.

To download your copies, click the image you’d like. If the download doesn’t start but the images opens, right click and select “Save image as..” or similar option. Save a copy to your hard drive and remember where you put it. When you set up your background, browse to that same location.

Learn, Share, Care

Show & Tell

Pledge of Allegiance

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