How to use Pineaptitude even if you don’t assign homework

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As you probably know, there’s a big debate going on right now on whether or not homework should be assigned or not.

We’re not going to take sides on that debate β€” that’s up to you as an educator.

However, despite its name, our Assign homework poster tool can still be a great tool even if you don’t give homework.

Here are some ways to use it even if you don’t assign homework β€” either ever or on certain days.

  • Post a daily list of learning targets that you finished that day.
  • Alternatively, give families and learners a preview of what learning targets will be covered the next day.
  • Give suggestions for expanded learning activities that families can do at home β€” or “#AskYourLearner” prompts.
  • Remind families of important deadlines, permission forms and other paperwork that needs to be handed in.

Plus, Pineaptitude also offers Announce and Highlight tools, both of which can be useful to any classroom teacher.

Announce is designed as an easy way to post news and other announcements:

  • Use Announce to post important reminders about upcoming events, project due dates or other important dates.
  • Publish reminders about things students need to bring to school.
  • Spread the word about class accomplishments and achievements.

Highlight is another great tool to increase communication even if you don’t assign homework:

  • Post a brief summary of what happened in your class today.
  • Preview upcoming activities, units, modules, experiments and more.
  • Discuss what goals your learners met that day β€” and why this important.

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