The best way to post homework and assignment lists online

Easy to post, easy to share

Quickly post lists of homework or other assignments for your learners and families that are easy to share and available on any device. Eliminate homework notebooks and excuses, especially during remote and hybrid learning.

Multiple classes

Post lists of assignments for one class — or many. Our system is flexible enough to work for primary teachers who teach all subjects or secondary and higher ed instructors who teach multiple sections or courses. This can also be ideal for ‘Group A/B/C’ style hybrid learning.

Get the word out — fast

Embed an automatically updated list of your latest assignments on your website or share direct links to each day’s assignments. Let learners and families see assignments without logging into Google Classroom or an LMS.

Templates make it easier

Our built in template feature lets you predefine content that you’re likely to reuse every day — such as list of subjects or important notes — and reuse it again and again. It’s flexible, too, so if you need to veer off the template, just make the changes right there. A vital tool to save you time during this hectic time being an educator.

Works great on all sorts of devices big and small

Pineaptitude is accessible via any web browser — so it works on any phone, tablet or other device with a modern web browser.

Plus, the mobile friendly design makes using tools easy to do on the go. 

Start posting homework lists online now