The best way to post classroom news and announcements online

Easy to share latest news

Quickly post announcements about important news. Remind learners and families of upcoming events, due dates or other news. Announce is a great alternative to clunky class newsletters no one reads. During remote or hybrid learning, it’s also a great way to make sure everyone is up to date.

Works for all types of classrooms

Pineaptitude is flexible. It works great for primary teachers who teach all subjects or secondary and higher ed instructors who teach multiple sections thanks to a classrooms organizational system. Flexible enough for hybrid, remote and in person learning.

Share the news

Embed the latest announcement on your class website to give learners and families a ‘live’ feed of what’s going on. A great alternative to class newsletters. 

Works on basically any device of any size

No downloading a separate app or software. Pineaptitude tools are accessible in your favorite web browser β€” and everything is mobile optimized if you use a tablet or smart phone to post.

Create your own class newsletter alternative